Annual Meeting in Bergen 7th December 2021

Welcome to NAMC first Annual Meeting!
Please notice that the meeting will be virtually.

Foto: Lars Korvald

The main aim of NAMC is to provide new and more comprehensive (holistic) knowledge about the environmental risks of microplastics for better management and sustainable solutions. NAMC intend to deliver on this mission by joining leading international experts within
microplastic, environmental and societal research, respectively.

The five scientific pillars of NAMC cover method development including nano plastic detection; sample preparations and their effects on results; release, distribution and transport of microplastic in marine and costal environments; toxicological effects of microplastics and leachates on human and wildlife; and how society relates to microplastic pollution
including monitoring, knowledge-based management, mitigation
measures and sustainable solutions in both public and industry management.

During this first annual NAMC meeting, the respective pillar leaders will present research focus and activities so far in 2021 for the five pillars, as well as plans for research activities and new projects in 2022 and
onwards. We are also inviting representatives of NGOs, industry,
regulatory bodies at nation and international level to give their view on the environmental risks of microplastics, possible solutions and
measures needed.

The event is open, but please be aware of limited number of seats
available and that the registration is binding

Link to program

Please note that the meeting will be virtually due to the Covid situation. If you want to join - please contact and you will get the link to the event.