NAMC Input to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee of the Global Agreement on Plastic

UN negotiations in Uruguay towards a global agreement to combat plastic pollution. NORCE is accredited as an N... Read more


NAMC Annual Meeting 2022 - Nov. 8th. - 9th.

The scientists at NAMC have been visiting Bergen for the NAMC annual seminar, the General assembly and worksho... Read more


Biodegradable plastics built to biodegrade in the open environment should not leave behind micro- and nanoplastics

Biodegradable plastics may be part of the solution to reduce the accumulation of plastics in the open environm... Read more


NAMC provides input to the international negotiations towards a Global Agreement on Plastic Pollution

NAMC North Atlantic Microplastic Centre has been asked by the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment an... Read more


Annual Meeting in Bergen 7th December 2021

Welcome to NAMC first Annual Meeting!
Please notice that the meeting will be virtually.


The North Atlantic Microplastic Centre (NAMC) is opened

40 researchers from around the globe is already connected in the centre which is made possible thanks to Start... Read more


Release of microplastics from the aquaculture industry, new report

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We establish an international research centre on microplastics

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Ocean plastic is changing island landscapes along the coast

Researchers are finding clear signs of newly-formed banks of earth in 250 coves at Ƙygarden in Hordaland, wher... Read more